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It is important to feel comfortable with your practitioner or therapist. An initial phone call will determine if there are any specific reasons why it would not be in the client's or the therapist's best interest to work together. Sometimes there are contra-indications relevant to the somatic therapy, or reasons why the therapist may not be the best suited person to offer their services to the client. In such a case the therapist will try and offer a referal to another suitable health professional or organisation that may be able to help.

For Psychotherapy, an initial meeting will be set up to determine the goals of the psychotherapy or discussing the issues of most relevance to work with. If both parties agrees to continue, six sessions will be set up which can be re-newable upon agreement or go into long term therapy. For further details of fees and conditions, please email. Psychotherapy sessions are available in London (N7) and in Bedfordshire (LU5).

For Rosen Method Bodywork, the client intake will take place over the telephone, where the needs and suitability of receiving Rosen Sessions will be discussed. Once a session has been agreed upon, the client will be asked to sign a client intake form. Available both in London (N7) and Bedfordshire (LU5).