Rosen Method seek to offer an increased experience of the self through the body. Rosen Method is suitable to clients seeking personal development and grounding in their physical bodies, individuals feeling 'stuck' in their lives, recovery from traumatic events or addictions (must be substance free for at least two years)  and for those who want to get more 'in touch' with their bodies and feelings, and can work well in combination with Psychotherapy or Counselling.

Rosen Method seeks to reach the person and the inner life (who they are) and making space for memories, insights, connections and feelings to emerge through the touch and the deep listening a session provides.

Marion Rosen (1914-2012) was the founder of this method; and made it her life work. You can also visit the Rosen Institute on

You can read more about Rosen Method on

A session lasts 50 minutes, and due to the process nature of this work - can be received weekly, forthnightly or monthly or on the occassional basis. Please go the the Contact Us page and send an enquiry. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Sessions held at the North London Buddhist Centre, N7 8JG, 1-4pm and 5-8pm on Thursdays or other days in Bedfordshire (LU5). Additional ad hoc hours during the day time may be available. Fees are £70 per session. Some concessionary rates are available upon request.