About Ingrid-Maria

Ingrid-Maria is an Integrative and Eclectic Psychotherapist and member of the BACP, and subscribes to their ethical code of conduct.

Ingrid-Maria is also an experienced Practitioner, Supervisor and Senior Teacher for the Somatic discipline of Rosen Method. She is a Member of the International Body of the Rosen Institute, where she served both as a Director and as the chair of their Ethics Committee for many years. She is currently serving as vice-president of the Rosen Institute. Ingrid-Maria co-founded the Rosen Method UK training centre in 2004, and works as one of the Directors at the School.

Therapeutic Services:

Psychotherapy: There are times in life where things can get too much - stress, redundancies, illness, loss of a loved one or there could be problems at work or in relationships. Many people talk about how they feel to friends or family to relieve some of this stress, but finding an independent person to listen and support can help to foster a level of deeper insight and personal development.

There are also a number of difficult issues such as panic attacks, suffering depression, phobias, etc. that can serverly limit enjoyment of life that may be addressed by a talking therapy. Some clients suffer issues around body image, self esteem, not feeling 'inside' the body or disconnection to feelings and emotions, and may be helped by having a supporting individual working through some of their particular issues.

Some people experience more long terms issues of having had to cope and learn to live the effects of having suffered sexual abuse in childhood, traumatic experiences of many kinds, received unstable or unloving parenting, bullying, or other deep wounds to their person, by no fault of their own. Some people may be recovering addicts (alcohol, drugs, love, sex, co-dependency) and receiving regular sessions may be helpful in supporting recovery, in addition to working with Sponsors.

Whatever your issue may be, you can book a preliminary meeting to discuss what you would like to acheive by attending therapy. If you wish to continue for a period of six sessions, dates and availability will be discussed and can after these six sessions continue into long term therapy. Sessions costs £65 for a 50 minute session. It is possible to continue into open-ended psychotherapy from the initial six sessions with regular scheduled reviews every six months. Please note that Bedfordshire prices are £45 per session. Some concessionary fees may be available upon proof of financial hardship.

If you would like some more information or if you wish to enquire how you can book an appointment either in London on Thursdays or other days in Bedfordshire you can contact me here.